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The Round Table

Wait is it April 1st year? KK News plus more DCU, Marvel related news!

October 1, 2018 in Episodes

So….Tonight we get triple beached! As it’s Zodwriter, Johnny Alpha, and Jackal alone on the Round Table bringing the news of the world of news, and geekdom! Tonight’s theme is the 3 year extension to one Kathleen Keneddy over at Lucasfilms which we know was announced by Disney within this past week. More on Zodwriters OCD with the Snyder CUT.

Speaking of which Jason Justice aka Cold Kutts couldn’t join us tonight because there is a serial laptop destroyer on the lose, and his laptop got ran over some how.

Either way we were short a man but we had fun! All that, and much much more as usual join us by downloading our free podcast.

But if you want to listen live remember Sundays 10pm est Website: Download or listen live!

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The Round Table

that got thA Jackal singing! Plus much more… Seriously we talked about other things too…

September 23, 2018 in Episodes

i Started a joke…. That got “Tha Jackal” singing!

Hello Round table fans, and friends, and foes, and those who sort of think of us as a podcast show, and dare listen! Welcome to this latest round table show!

Live once again from PSN RADIO brought to you by Tha Jackal, Zodwriter, Johnny Alpha, and for a little while until his phone broke down California Guy! He whose people have yet fixed his skype.

Today’s main topic turned out to be The Joker! The new image is out for the new stand alone movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. The look as Jackal said is a throwback to the Romero Joker mixed with “Killing Joke” which is a great book!

This is an original movie but a lot of it looks like it’s lifted from that book says “Tha Jackal” which as he points out is only a rumore because we know very little about this movie as this is the first glimpse into what Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker looks like.

We did get into other news for the night! But as you can imagine this one dominated the night, and as much as we love a good Chucky Reboot! The Joker is our main theme for this episode… Now download the show, and tell us about that singing by Jackal! ūüėõ

We had other things we got to this week! Also in the news the new Captain Marvel aka “Mrs Marvel” AKA Marvels next Half a Billion at the box office got a new trailer out, and it seems like Only one of the voices tonight liked the trailer!? Well tune in to find out because someone thought this thing looked, reminded them or was copying the movie “MOS” someone he being the same champion voice over you here every week screaming over his desire for the WB/DC to put out “The Snyder Cut” (which as we all know and can accept it isn’t coming out!)

Also the new look for the Chucky doll is now online which is getting as much BUZZ as the last chucky movie, and that flopped harder than SOLO did for Lucas Films. WE spoke about Disney once again taking over FOX, and much much more guys this was a fun show, and California Guy was on air once more!¬†¬†Until his phone once again like I said died on him… His people need to hook up his skype! IT’s 2018 for crying out loud! We been waiting since 2012 for his people to move into this skype issues….

Anyway check out the podcast, and drop us your comments below, and as always if you enjoy our show please check out our PATREON page! ūüėÄ

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Website: Download or listen live!

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The Round Table

Both Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck DONE WITH DC/WB? WTF?

September 16, 2018 in Episodes

Join the gang as we talk all the latest news in the world of geekdom which include some new trailers, and oh yea some actor leaving the role of Superman named Henry Cavill. And with him another actor named um….. Ben Affleck who might be out as BATMAN in the current DCEU!

Tonight the show features Tha Jackal, Zodwriter, and Johnny Alpha as it’s a table for 3! But loads of fun, and lots to talk about.

So sit back, and enjoy the show for 9/16/2018!

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The Round Table

From “The MEG”, to how cool is Tom Cruise? Plus more!

August 19, 2018 in Episodes

    Click on picture to view bigger size!

From “The MEG”, to how cool is Tom Cruise? We find out our opinions tonight, and also this week we spoke a little about the STAR WARS fallout during hour number 1…… Has Kathleen Keneddy been fired? Is Rian Johnson, and his “trilogy” also in the shit pile? Disney did say the only focus the company has as of now is Episode 9, and after Solo bombed at the boxoffice this is a welcomed piece of news. The Last Jedi, and Solo did bring SW down a bit in the eyes of the fans, and I think Disney/Lucasfilms should pay attention to it’s fans. Tune in and hear what the guys on the show thought!

We also touched on the latest on the James Gunn fallout, and what Dave Batista has been saying in tweets is utter b.s! It’s time someone called him out on his b.s.

A shocking pick at the actor Jackal wants playing a Green Lantern in the next movie… This one has picture representing the wish. Also Jackal has joined the fight for the release of THE SNYDER CUT of JLA!

Plus much more!

The Round Table

Picard is back! The Venom Trailer is out! & the “Brew Ja’s are in!”

August 5, 2018 in Episodes

Tonight the round table opens up with big news on Sir Patrick Stewart better known to some as “Captain Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation” and the “X-men” movies where he played of course Professor X himself Charles Francis Xavier. Well he’s back in the title role as a new series is going to stream on CBS New streaming platform, and this show will compliment Discovery, and other possible Trek serieses they might have lined up and headed our way.

Also got into it a bit on Zodwriters hate for the fact that “Benedict Cumberbatch” aka¬†Cumber to the Batch¬†one of the best actors around today IMO played Kahn in the movie “Star Trek Into Darkness” which Jackal loved, and so does a lot of the mainstream fans or main¬†movie going fans but of course Zod, and some of the fanboys online of TOS and films hated that used his character which was silly since they look so much alike! Here is a photoshopped photo to prove it!

We spoke about beer for a bit as Mr Jason Justice is a brew man himself, and gave us a little inside into the beer brewing world. Check the YouTube show he’s on “The Brew J’s.”

We talked about the trailer for Venom, and much much more! So join us by……. And enjoy the round table this week.

Sorry for Zodwriters head set issues… lol

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The Round Table

Hollywood Implodes! + Trailer Talk & The death of fellow Geek!

July 22, 2018 in Episodes

Tonight we started with a hard couple of stories to talk about… Starting with James Gunn and his comments on twitter, what they mean, and what was said, and his being fired from Guardians Vol 3 what does do to the franchise moving forward. Then we got into the trailers for Aquaman, Shazam, and spoke about the late Jon Schnepp who we sadly lost this past week. Plus much much more…… So sit back, and get ready for the show.


The Round Table

Star Wars! WTF is happening to our STAR WARS?

June 17, 2018 in Episodes

This week we talk about STAR WARS!

Topics of the night…

Topic 1:¬†¬†Today we’re going to each give our
own take on SOLO / The Last Jedi

Topic 2:  Solo BOMBED at the box office, The Last Jedi
underperformed, and the dvd/BR sales under
performed.¬†¬†Who’s fault is it?

Topic 3:  Kathleen Keneddy the president of Lucasfilms has been taking all the flack online for her job infusing all the Social Justice Warrior stuff in the last two movies.

But are they really SJW? Or are fans overlooking, and overthinking it?

Topic 4:  What could Lucasfilms learn from the success of the
Marvel  brand which is also Disney owned, and how
they are busting out nothing but hits compared to the
SW brand right now with Solo bombing.

Tonight “Top 10 ways Disney could save the Lucasfilms SW future
considering how bad of state they’re in now.”

The Round Table

Justice Wars: The Last Round Table [of 2017] :)

December 31, 2017 in Episodes

Tonights the final show of the year, and we’re going out with a bang! Join in on the round table as Jackal, Zodwriter, and Johnny Alpha take on their top ten best and worse movies of 2017.

Also each guy on the table tells us their final thoughts about Justice League, and The Last Jedi which both will go down in history as the most divisive movies of the year.

The Round Table

The Last Jedi Round Table Review

December 17, 2017 in Episodes

The entire show is about us talking about Fox being sold to Disney, and this weeks release of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi.

The Round Table

Justice League is here! + NEW “The Last Jedi” Pics!

November 19, 2017 in Episodes

The Millennium Falcon

Tonight we discuse what went wrong with Justice League! Zodwriter, and Jackal both saw it, Johnny has not, and Jason Justice wasn’t on this week. But with this said both Jackal and Zodwriter both hated the movie but they aren’t very clear as who to blame for this one! Zod wants Marvel/Disney to blame while Jackal says this lays all on DC/WB for their mettling in. But more than this we also had talks about STAR WARS, and THOR 3!

So this was a pretty fun show overall…

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