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The Round Table


June 11, 2017 in Episodes

Tonight we introduce a whole new member………. Jassem “The Movie Man” plus we also give props, and tribute to the passing of Adam West.

The Round Table

From NKOTB To the top 10 Superheros we’d like to see!

May 28, 2017 in Episodes

From NKOTB To superheroes we’d love to see! Join the 3some of Zodwriter, Johnny Alpha, and Tha Jackal on this round table spectacle.

Where things even got a little hot, and heavy between Johnny & Jackal!

The Round Table

Star Wars CELEBRATION 2017! + Other stuff!

April 16, 2017 in Episodes

Tonight we cover STAR WARS Celebration 2017 in Orlando, and the new trailer for “The Last Jedi” which hit the world this weekend. Also we got to some other news during hour number 2! WE got to talk about the Thor 3 trailer, the casting of Cable in Deadpool 2, and much much more.

Tonight’s top 10 list is “Movies we love that other people hate….”

The Round Table

The day after April Fools day!

April 2, 2017 in Episodes

The day after April Fools day the Round Table is live talking about new movies, and trailers for the week. Also the top 10 box office results for the weekend, and our weeks personal top 10!

This week our top 10 list is “What’s our favorite end scene that left us speechless!”

The Round Table

Jason Justice, Iron Fist, and Justice League!

March 26, 2017 in Episodes

Join Zodwriter, Johnny Alpha, Tha Jackal, and new member Jason Justice on a new episode of “The Round Table Show!”

Tonight we discus IRON FIST, Marvel on tv, and much much more!

Top 10 box office results, and also top 10 characters we hated on shows we loved! So tune in, and check out the show tonight because it was an awesome episode.

The Round Table

Tonight we went into the fandom Zodwriter has on VR!

March 12, 2017 in Episodes

Tonight we went into the fandom Zodwriter has on VR! Jackal finally tries it out, and they talk way too much about it. California Guy joins us for the Top 10 movies we would like to see in VR, and with his man on the street report.

We also talk about the new Marvel / Netflix show IRON FIST! Plus much much more.

The Round Table


March 5, 2017 in Episodes

Tonight the guys talk about everything from how big Logan will be to who’s playing Cable in Deadpool 2, also movie according to the WB/DC. Making us look like Fake News! HA!

Also Aliens sequels, and prequels to should there be another Terminator movie? Tron 3 on hold and a possible reboot might be on it’s way instead with Suicide Squads Joker aka Jared Leto? Also what can we do with X MEN now that Logan is out. Should they reboot? Should they simply re cast Wolverine with another young actor who looks like Hugh Jackman? Should they wait a few years before doing more X MEN Movies, and just pull the entire new cast from the Deadpool flicks coming out? Join us, and listen in as we tackle all these topics on tonight’s Round Table Show.

The Round Table

WE all Agree Michael Keaton rules!

February 20, 2017 in Episodes

Zodwriter, Tha Jackal, and Johnny Alpha talk about the brilliance of Michael Keaton plus many other things on tonight’s Round Table Show!

We thought it was a slow week but it really wasn’t… There is always something to talk about. Like the new Logan trailers, and how epic that looks. How Mel Gibson has been in talks to direct Suicide Squad 2!

Also The Batman finally has a director? Maybe! And much, much more!

The Round Table

First show of 2017! Alright!

February 12, 2017 in Episodes

First episode of the year! The main 3 are back……… Join Zodwriter, Tha Jackal, and Johnny Alpha as they talk all things geek!

The Round Table

How to fix DCEU!?

September 18, 2016 in Episodes

Talk about a DCEU centric episode! We talk about all things DCEU, and tonight’s top 10 list is all about how to fix the current state of the DCEU.

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