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A Little bit of this… A Little bit of that. A Little Boy, and the return!

October 11, 2015 in Episodes

The cast is back after a hiatus! A Long one at that the round table is back in full swing with Zodwriter, Johnny Alpha, Jackal and California Guy. Tonight we talked about a few different topics and went from DC to Marvel to movies, and comics. Everything but a top 10 list! Well Jackal told us all he loves a movie called Little Boy the most in 2015. This he said might change. In December. Little movie called STAR WARS is coming out. Check out his entire list of movies he’s watched this year. HERE

The Round Table

Happy 5th of July! Time to talk time travel, and Terminator!

July 5, 2015 in Episodes

indexHope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! Tonight Zodwriter, Jackal, and Johnny Alpha had a short panel but one which was spent talking about the Terminator franchise. Zodwriter has seen it in theaters, and liked it a lot.

We went over our usual Round Table news. This was a slow news week so bare with us. No top 10 list by us tonight but we did give out the weekends boxoffice results.

The Round Table

Tons of movie news to go over on memorial day weekend!

May 24, 2015 in Episodes

Join the round table for some heated talk about the latest in the world of entertainment. Also we want to wish everyone a very happy memorial day, and a safe memorial day weekend, and day. Here also are the links to some of the stories we went over.


The Round Table

And another Man of Steel debate breaks out!

May 17, 2015 in Episodes

Tonight Jackal, Johnny, and the Wolf talked about Man of Steel, Star Wars, and the casting of a new Spiderman, and were joined late by Zodwriter in the second hour where we broke some more news, and then followed up with the weekend boxoffice results, and our top 10 lists.

The Round Table

The Force has awaken us all as we welcome in THE AGE OF ULTRON!

May 3, 2015 in Episodes

Tonight we talk about the trailer, and well other stuff also… But seriously what else is there to talk about other than STAR WARS? So Zodwriter, Jackal, and Johnny Alpha gave their two cents on the trailer. PLUS! They spoke about AGE OF ULTRON, the box office results for the week which were outstanding! Also the guys gave their own personal top 10 list! Tonights top ten! Favorite Female Super hero! Both in comics, and non comic book related films.

The Round Table

Goodbye TwoPointO! Plus tons of geek news!

March 15, 2015 in Episodes

Tonight we said goodbye to one of our members as Alex 2.0 himself has left the show… Plus tons of other news.

The Round Table

50 Shades of Spiderman! + top 10 box office Results, and our own top 10 list!

February 15, 2015 in Episodes

imagesToday the show Tha Jackal, Johnny Alpha, and Three Point O, were joined by California Guy himself during the first hour which was dominated by Spiderman, and STAR WARS newsSuicide Squad ads a new actor to the role of Rick Flag! Also Vin Diesel sings! YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS! LOL It’s hilarious audio! Here is the video.

We also reviewed this weeks top movie trailer releases. As well as the box office results for the week, and our personal top 10 list. This week! Favorite onscreen couples! And much much more.

The Round Table


February 8, 2015 in Episodes

Tonight we talked about the trailers at the Superbowl, like the DareDevil trailer, The Fantastic Four Reboot Trailer, The Poltergeist Trailer, we found out that John Wick 2 is also being developed, and Marvel plans a X-MEN tv show! Plus some Oscar talk along with Star Wars NEWS, and other goodies all with the 4man crew of Zodwriter, Johnny Alpha, TwoPoint-O, and Jackal. We found out tonight what each one of our favorite sports movie was, and also we found out that TwoPoint-O steals from the dead! Enjoy the hilarity as it unfolds!

The Round Table

Lucas v Star Wars, Trek 3 gets Pegged by Scotty, The Blob remake, and Leaked info on B-V-S, Supergirl cast! Oh, and Dolphins Vaginas!

January 25, 2015 in Episodes

aad5286450587d02516961278f7b4c380828bc8441a9f34fe2e28126dc321cdaOk so Zodwriter, Jackal, Johnny, and Skorp headed towards a very strange episode here. We lost TwoPointO to some tech issues early on in the show, and it went all down hill from there! No it wasn’t that bad… lol We covered some important news like George lucas talks about his “new-star wars movies treatments” Not being used in Episode 7! Also went to the other franchise with the name STAR in it that JJ kickstarted! Star Trek 3 gives the writing duties to Scotty! Simon Pegg will now be part of the script team. Which is fine by most of us but from the looks of it the movie looks like a total mess without JJ… But that’s not all we also covered the remake of The Blob which is said to use CGI. (Which isn’t really news! Talk about slow news week right?) Next we all gave our thoughts about the leaked info on the fight scenes in Batman V Superman. And rounding off the DC news we also learned that there is a NEW Supergirl cast in her own tv show! That’s right find out just how much about this news Jackal just doesn’t give a crap about. Her name is Melissa Benoist! So sit back, and enjoy the round table show!

The Round Table

The Round Table gets it’s SWAGG ON With Guest Co-Host James Swagger & Skorpio Moon!

January 18, 2015 in Episodes

Joining regulars Zodwriter, Johnny Alpha, and Tha Jackal is our two special guest co-host for the night. As the host of his own show Capricorn Radio James Swagger is no stranger to Radio, and well tonight he’s taken one step closer to embracing his inner geek as he joins the show for some geek talk, and boy does it get good tonight! We talk about everything from how he felt about Man of Steel to the Academy Awards nominations, and other interesting news items for the week. Also we talked about who our favorite James Bond actor has been since the start of the

Our top 10 list for this week was “Top 10 movies which we we’re not expecting much going in but were pleasantly surprised! Even became a fan off…”

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