Recut of Steel, News, and 3 hours of fun!

June 19, 2014 in Episodes

man-of-steel-minimalist-poster-speed-art-finished-man-of-steel-001Ok so the show started with us talking about this crazy new re edit to the movie Man of Steel done by Tha Jackal. He spent two days re cutting the movie into something closer to what he thinks would have worked better for the actual film. The guys give their reviews, and all agree Jackals cut is far superior to the official release. The film can be found on this link here.

After that the guys talked about some news going on in the world of Hollywood, and gave their weekly top 10 list. This week we had our “Top 10 best movie quotes!” This was a blast tonight, and even 2.0 called back into the show to only get cut off. WTF Jackal!?