So who’s the next Doctor really?

August 1, 2013 in Episodes

Peter Capaldi

Either way we will find out on Sunday 8/4/2013 as reports are coming in that actor Peter Capaldi! Who? That’s right! Wait… You see he played “W.H.O. Doctor” in World War Z, at 55, Capaldi would be one of the oldest people to take on the Doctor role in recent years.

He’s best known for his role in The Thick of It, In the Loop and again, funny enough he played “W.H.O. Doctor” in Brad Pitt’s recent blockbuster World War Z, and “William Hill,” one of the United Kingdom’s largest bookkeepers, made a statement today about the sudden bets on Peter Capaldi becoming the 12th Doctor. “Peter Capaldi was not even in our list a few days ago but he has been the subject of a lot of betting interest recently,” they said in a statement, “and this gamble would suggest that if he does not have the part already, he is almost certainly on the shortlist.”

Related: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special to be broadcast simeltaneously around the entire globe. Many fans expected more clues about who will be the next Doctor to be dropped at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month when Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, and other stars appeared to talk about their beloved science-fiction television show. Sadly, no new information was provided. Moffat continued to emphasize that the casting process is still in its early days.

Smith will depart Doctor Who during the Christmas Special later this year. World War Z. He can next be seen later this year in the Wikileaks movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, The Fifth Estate, and in Disney’s 2014 live-action Maleficent as King Kinloch.

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