Star Wars | The Round Table Show
Alex Haro

RIP Breaking Bad!!!

September 26, 2013 in Episodes

Tonight Jackal, Crossfire, Johnny Alpha and Alex now re-named Alex 2.0 talk about their predictions of the Breaking Bad finale. California Guy is MIA! Later in the show Johnny Alpha gives a positive review of the movie Iceman and Jackal praises the movie Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher. Zodwriter drops by the show a bit late and gives a glowing review of Curse of Chucky which leads to a quick discussion of modern horror films. The group also gives their first thoughts on the pilot episode of Marvel’s Agent of Shield. Finally after talking about Star Wars and VHS tapes, Oscar Benjamin aka The Compasionate Wolf & Skorpio call in to talk about random stuff & things and the show goes 1 hour of overtime.

The Round Table

Trailers, Dark Knight, Superhero Movies, and Star Trek, Star Wars, and Comics!! Can we fit more shit to talk about?

April 18, 2013 in Episodes



Probably not! But we try to throw as much stuff out there on this show. First off just to make sure Outtasite knows we was not taking any shots at him on this show. lol But Zodwriter did say some very funny stuff at the start. But Jackal is talking about something which happened to him with someone else who back stabbed him this past week. Again had nothing to do with you Outtasite. Had to do with the movie Deadheads project that got stolen from Jackal by the person he hired to help him produce the film.

Then after that we spoke about the trailers for Man of Steel, and Star Trek Into Darkness… So listen up kids it’s a bumpy ride but it’s a fun show tonight.

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