From “The MEG”, to how cool is Tom Cruise? Plus more!

August 19, 2018 in Episodes

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From “The MEG”, to how cool is Tom Cruise? We find out our opinions tonight, and also this week we spoke a little about the STAR WARS fallout during hour number 1…… Has Kathleen Keneddy been fired? Is Rian Johnson, and his “trilogy” also in the shit pile? Disney did say the only focus the company has as of now is Episode 9, and after Solo bombed at the boxoffice this is a welcomed piece of news. The Last Jedi, and Solo did bring SW down a bit in the eyes of the fans, and I think Disney/Lucasfilms should pay attention to it’s fans. Tune in and hear what the guys on the show thought!

We also touched on the latest on the James Gunn fallout, and what Dave Batista has been saying in tweets is utter b.s! It’s time someone called him out on his b.s.

A shocking pick at the actor Jackal wants playing a Green Lantern in the next movie… This one has picture representing the wish. Also Jackal has joined the fight for the release of THE SNYDER CUT of JLA!

Plus much more!