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The Round Table

First show of 2017! Alright!

February 12, 2017 in Episodes

First episode of the year! The main 3 are back……… Join Zodwriter, Tha Jackal, and Johnny Alpha as they talk all things geek!

The Round Table

Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead! Plus Jesse Eisenberg as Lex, the future DCU, and Paul Bettany is the voice of Ultron! AND MORE!!!

February 6, 2014 in Episodes

Join The Round Table tonight as they discus a range of topics which start with their views on the news that Paul Bettany is going to be the voice of Ultron!!!

Jackal tells us that he finally started watching Arrow!!! (A BIT LATE?) So far he doesn’t love it. But he said he will continue to watch it. Kerry shares his hate of goats.  We got some last minute breaking news on Jesse Eisenberg’s “LEX” heard here first!!! Ok maybe not but it’s surfaced on the net this week, and we talk about how he will be played, and should be played on the big screen.

Philip Seymour Hoffman 1967-2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman 1967-2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday (Feb. 2).

The 46-year-old actor’s cause of death has yet to be determined but the New York Police Department is investigating and a law-enforcement official confirmed to WSJ that the Academy Award-winning actor died in his 35 Bethune St., West Village home.

The New York Post reports that Hoffman was found dead on his bathroom floor of an apparent drug overdose by a friend at 11:30 a.m. According to the New York Times, the friend visited Hoffman’s home after he could not get a hold of the actor and grew concerned. WSJ criminal justice reporter Pervaiz Shallwani tweeted that Hoffman was alone at the time of his death and the man who found him was screenwriter David Katz, with whom Hoffman had recently been working on a project. [contiue]

dmx_zimmerman_homepage_newAlso George Zimmerman to fight DMX? WTF!!! That’s right it looks like DMX is the man picked to fight George Zimmerman who’s been making noise hyping up an upcoming ppv fight where he said he would take on ANYONE! Jackal signed up, and was very disappointed that they picked DMX, and not him.

Also the guys talk about the X-MEN movies, and who would they chose to play Wolverine if they were to reboot the actual entire series. Also the conversation turns to the new Transformers 4 trailer from the Superbowl, and each of the guys give their 2cents on the trailer.

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